Fenton Hotel

Tavern & Grille

The Fenton Hotel Tavern & Grille stands solid and hospitable, greeting hungry patrons as it did when it was first built while the railroads came to Fenton in 1856. We feature a daily menu with a variety of delicious food including Fresh Fish, Savory Steaks, Gourmet Pizza,  and more. Also, the only piano bar with live entertainment in the Fenton area.

Fenton received its name by a literal "turn of the cards”, William Fenton was the winner of a poker game played on August 24, 1834. The stakes were high; the winner won the right to name the village. A full house won Fenton the right to name the city, today known as "Fenton”.

Robert Leroy and Benjamin Rockwell were among the other players. The three men continued to play to name the main streets in the village.

The main business street was named "Leroy”, the principal residential street "Rockwell”.